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As a student you are seeking a simple, reliable flashcard app with spaced repetition features. Using NoteDex you can create amazing flashcards- even handwritten flashcards. We've been working with students for many years helping to shape our application to their specific needs - creating the special 'Study Mode' for learning digital flashcards. We know there are other great flashcard apps also like Quizlet and Anki do - but keep reading - we do some things they don't also! Check out our article in our blog on best flashcard apps.

We know you are coping with tons of information overload, and you need an app where you can make notes - and flashcards. This is where NoteDex shines over other apps. NoteDex features an intuitive interface and available for download on all the app stores. Flashcards are great for learning vocabulary, definitions, formulas and so much more. Perhaps you are studying medicine - anatomy, physiology or science - chemistry, physics, maths or language Japanese, Korean - the list goes on. What you are looking for is a flexible tool that helps you to pass your tests. Creating flashcards by hand is a great way to help remember concepts. You may like to read our study guide.

When you use NoteDex Study Mode you can:

  • Review the back of cards first

  • Shuffle cards

  • Select which group or category of cards you want to study

  • Test yourself using our simple implementation of Leitner Spaced Repetition mode

  • Keep track of your learning progress and select which stacks you want to relearn

  • Customize your answers (change language for Yes/No/Not Sure answers!)

  • Download your flashcards as a PDF

  • Use our smartphone mobile apps or iPad apps on the app store to test when you are on the go

  • Print out flashcards on paper if you want to!

  • As a teacher at school you can even create a stack of flashcards and share them for free on the web to your students

  • Personalize your stacks with custom backgrounds when you share flashcards

Make High Quality Flashcards

When you use NoteDex as a flashcards app, it feels just like flipping through a set of real index card paper flashcards and checking your answers on the back. The intuitive interface makes using this app easy-to-use for anyone who wants to learn at School and College.  Creating flashcards is a joy, not a pain!

physics flashcard

Leitner Study Mode

If you are learning flashcards you know that it is important for even a basic flashcard app to have features that allow you to see the reverse side of the cards, shuffle cards and keep track of your learning progress.  NoteDex Study Mode does just this and implements the Leitner learning model with customizable answers (Wrong/Not Sure/Right)

Improved Study Mode gif

Don't have a Pen-Enabled Tablet?

Not everyone has a tablet with a digital pen, but that doesn't mean you can't create flashcards with handwriting.  You can attach a pen tablet to your PC or Mac.  They are very cheap, some even less than $50, and can really make a difference to your creativity and learning. Wacom and Huion make them.  Not something you can do with Anki App or Quizlet app!

wacom one pen tablet

Use Handwriting

The NoteDex flashcard app features a powerful ink engine that allows you to handwrite your flashcards and create unique handwritten flashcards.  Using handwriting is not only quick but also great for learning. Read our article on How to Ace your Studies using Handwritten Flashcards

physics flashcard

Share with Classmates

After you make your own flashcards you can do your friends and favor and earn some credit by sharing your flashcard set with your friends. You can allow your classmates to only view specific flashcard decks, or even allow them edit permission to share the work so that you are not the only flashcard maker! Not all flashcard apps can do this.

share options for NoteDex

Classify Flashcards with Tags

If you make flashcards you can classify them, so you only study a certain set of them, using category tags. You can tag cards with multiple tags, and tags can be specific to a study card stack or global to use on any stack.  Filter on any tag to study just those cards. While we have made NoteDex look like a fairly simple flashcard app, the truth is that it is a very powerful app!

blackhole flashcard

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