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Meeting Notes

NoteDex was designed for the Project Manager and Business Professional looking for a more intuitive, visual and efficient way to capture and retrieve meeting notes.  A reliable tool to support your memory and help you be more productive as you work towards your projects and goals.  There are many areas of business that meeting notes are important - consulting, sales, law to name just a few.  This is particularly true for independent consultants and freelancers working on multiple projects and clients, where having a good knowledge base is critical for customer planning before and follow up after video meetings and phone calls.


As mentioned in our About section, NoteDex was created out of a frustration with apps like Evernote and OneNote.  These apps are great for long form note-taking but (honestly) suck at finding information later when you use them to capture meeting notes.  Check out this link to show how we think NoteDex works well with Evernote and OneNote - it's never one app or the other in all honesty. What you are looking for are efficient ways to capture conversations and information in the workplace, to help you make better decisions and outcomes.


There is also a growing trend of apps linking notes together. While this can be extremely useful for research and when you are trying to create (curate) a 'knowledge base' in most day-to-day cases especially for business meetings and project management it adds an unnecessary burden to the meeting note capture stage and this extra effort rarely pays off in practice. You end up expending effort to create a network of information - but you still end up searching your notes or trying to look back for that one note or search term! Trust me, we've done this, been there already. In fact - bonus points- a long time ago there was an app called 'The Brain' - connecting your thoughts to each other - it looked amazing ... and was totally useless and unproductive after a while. 


As an information management consultant for over 20 years I saw what was needed - a reliable, simple, efficient way to capture your notes, ideas and project meeting information - and be able to go back to it when you need, using any and all of your devices.  If this sounds right to you then welcome to NoteDex!


Furthermore, like many of us in creative, information and professional fields, we are visual people and like to use whiteboards and other tools to see things visually for our strategic planning.  NoteDex is designed for such people, where you will capture your meeting notes and be able to quickly see all your notes - rapidly and efficiently - greatly increasing your productivity and peace of mind knowing that all your project meeting notes and action items are well organized. NoteDex is an ideal app for taking handwritten notes on your iPad or handwritten notes on your Microsoft Surface or Android Tablet device.

One Card - One Meeting

Index cards are great for taking meeting notes on a single card.  One Note - One Topic is a good way to take meeting notes to capture all the important information, conversations, minutes and action items.  Your NoteDex stacks will become a second brain for you to be more productive.  Capture all your sales, client, and customer meetings.  Plan meeting agendas. Add document references.


Fit Your Whole Meeting on a Card

You might think you can't write a lot on a card but you are wrong.  You can both scroll down and reduce the text down to a small font and capture all your meeting minutes and action items.  Great for reviewing before your next meeting and planning your strategy.  You can even create your own templates and insert as backgrounds to make you more productive.


Creativity on a Card

Truth be told, one of the reasons we created NoteDex was to capture ideas with a digital device. Capturing creativity is our raison d'être.  Take one card, add pen, and let your creativity flow.  Share your cards to collaborate and foster greater team innovation. You can even load your own meeting template !


Manage Multiple Projects

NoteDex is a great note-taking app for project meeting notes.  In fact, this was the reason we built NoteDex.  Use one stack for each of your projects and use an image so you can visually separate your projects and feel more organized with your information. All your project notes under the same topic project! Create different projects for different clients or ventures and even share with colleagues.

manging projects.jpg

Create Meeting & Lecture Summaries

NoteDex is a great way to summarize your class meetings and lectures and create study notes.  Your study notes can summarize the key points of a meeting, lecture or class and will help you learn and quickly reference the material.  You can quickly and visually see all your notes and find what you want when you need them using keyword search.


All Your Notes, When You Need Them

Designed as a cross platform app from the start, you can take project notes on one device and continue on another.  NoteDex works on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and the Web.  Share your information and meeting minutes via any web browser to your company colleagues with our collaboration features and increase team and organization productivity.

Untitled Card.png

Take Better Meeting Notes​

During a meeting you need to manage many people, projects, articles and documents full of information.  You will also have a lot of different ways to record notes - paper, digital, audio, and video.   As well as being attentive to the conversation at hand, you will be wanting to document the key action items and tasks, all the while being aware of the issues and problem solving conversations happening around you as your company tries to improve its performance! Then after the meeting you will need to summarize and refine your meeting minutes.  NoteDex is more than just note-taking. It's about visual note organization and retrieval.

NoteDex works well with all your existing note-taking apps, such as Evernote or OneNote, or your preferred paper notebook!   Continue to write unstructured notes in your long form editors, using your favorite meeting template (such as Cornell note-taking template), and even using a digital stylus pen for taking handwriting or generating mind maps.  After the meeting is finished you can structure and document the key outcomes, key points, tasks and actions in a NoteDex card.  This will allow you to summarize your writing and reference the key information needed to help your memory.  You can even include a hyperlink to the Evernote or OneNote page link (sneak peak: we are adding document support soon!). 

As a result this process will allow you to create a visual view of your project notes, help to supercharge your outlining, planning and productivity and be an improvement over creating lots of notes but then not being able to see them quickly afterwards.  That is the greatest way to reduce meeting productivity! Use the tools that make you productive and look for new ones to help improve!

You will have more clarity of thought to plan out your meeting agenda, notes, action items, checklists and ideas.  While there are many methods and no one single software, template or 'best practice' we think you will be more productive and efficient in your job when managing your information using NoteDex.  The skill of being able to distill your notes for efficient decision-making and writing is an art worth practicing to create good meeting minutes.   NoteDex is ideal to plan out your meeting agenda before your meeting - while you are taking notes you can refer to the agenda on the NoteDex card.

These days also information is coming at you from all directions - such as Microsoft Teams or in your Outlook email or from your Google calendar.  Again, having a system to organize such information is essential.

Whether you are using Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, iOS iPad or Android NoteDex has software apps for all devices including using our desktop class web browser.  NoteDex continues to innovate with its thoughtful yet simple note-taking features.  Try it today!

Tips for taking better meeting notes in the workplace:

1) Always reference the data / time (automatic in NoteDex)

2) Names of attendees

3) Topics discussed

4) Key decisions

5) Action items

We like to use pen (stylus) when taking meeting notes using NoteDex - it helps you to remember information.  Here is a link to the research on this topic. And don't forget to share your creations with your cross functional team colleagues - it helps to foster an atmosphere of accountability in your team!  You can share a web link to use the power of real time web computing to instantly share the whole stack of cards, or just a group, or even just a card!  You can also attach a note card as an image to an email, or perhaps in other collaboration and productivity systems you use like Trello or Teams.

Meeting Productivity Templates

NoteDex features built-in card templates to help you get going.  As well as providing blank card template, you can select lined templates to capture your conversations.  You can also use our drawing templates like our x-y chart template great for inking SWOT analyses and other business management tools.  What innovation will you capture on your x-y chart?

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