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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "What happens after the 7 day free trial ends? Am I automatically charged?"

A: No, you are not automatically charged. During the trial we don't have any of your payment information. NoteDex goes into a 'view-only' mode after 7 days.
When the 7 day free trial finishes you can choose to purchase the NoteDex option that suits you (one-year access or our best value lifetime-access one-time purchase options). When you click on the 'Buy NoteDex' link then it will show you the payment options and then you will enter your credit card details and pay securely using the Stripe payment system. 

If you choose not to do anything then all that happens is that NoteDex goes into a 'view-only' mode after 7 days - where you can always view any cards you created, but you can't add any more.  You can of course at anytime after 7 days come back to NoteDex and buy the app so you can activate NoteDex and continue to add new cards.

Q: I currently use the Index Cards for Windows app - is NoteDex compatible?

A: Ah, yes, a good question... the short answer is No, unfortunately. 
To make a next-generation cross-platform app we had to change the code, data structures and data types on the backend so unfortunately the data is not one-to-one compatible.  However, what we have done, to make the transition easier, is that you can use your current Index Cards for Windows app login, and when you login to NoteDex you will see a link on the left-side called "Index Cards' - where you can view - but not edit- all the stacks and cards in your Index Cards for Windows account.  Going forward we recommend you completely switch to NoteDex and start creating any new Cards in NoteDex.  You can certainly keep using the Index Cards app but please note that this app is no longer being actively maintained as we direct all efforts to NoteDex.

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