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Why Did We Create NoteDex?

"I struggled with apps like OneNote and Evernote since I just couldn't see or find my notes when I looked for them. As a consultant I took lots of long notes and all my information just got buried in (very nice) handwritten notes but were impossible to see or find later.

I realized I needed the ability to take short-form handwritten and typed notes, see them quickly and organize them into projects so I could easily find them later on all my devices . Existing card type apps were too basic and geared towards studying. I needed something that combined the best of both worlds - so I built NoteDex!"  

NoteDex: Beyond Index Cards (TM)


Prem Sundaram, Creator of NoteDex, and Information Management Consultant. Silicon Beach, California.

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Beyond Index Cards

NoteDex is created by Sundaram Applied Technologies, Inc. in Silicon Beach, Venice, California, focused on helping people boost creativity and productivity.

We believe that technology makes it possible to improve creativity, productivity, and personal growth. We believe in using technology to improve our lives in new, fun and cool ways. Our vision is that NoteDex will help us to blend the best of both old and new worlds - the classic index card with the power of technology. 

In an app store far, far away... we designed the original app (called Index Cards for Windows) specifically for pen-enabled Windows 10 tablets and desktops such as the Microsoft Surface. We used the Surface every day since it came out. The device offers incredible potential for note taking and idea generation with its pen input capabilities. However, we felt that the potential of the Surface device had not been maximized.

We wanted an app that would allow us to brainstorm better than using a notebook or a packet of index cards, but we couldn’t find it. Even with our Surface devices and the great pen-enabled apps like Microsoft OneNote, we found that these apps did not provide a simple to use, beautiful, visual picture of our notes and ideas. So, we built the original Index Cards app to do just that.  There is a hidden power in the short-form notes that can be created, organized and shared.

Since developing Index Cards and launching it in 2017 for Windows 10, our users have demanded that we create a true cross platform application - and NoteDex is that!  We like to think of NoteDex as the spiritual successor to Index Cards, and it gives us the chance to do some things over - now knowing what we know - as well as things we could have only dreamed about when we first started.  NoteDex is designed from the ground up to be mobile, cross platform and beyond Index Cards.


With NoteDex you can scribble on the cards, you can see your ideas laid out in front of you, you can arrange them in stacks and you can easily go back to them later just like real paper ones and you can share them unlimitedly (better than paper), and the good news is that it's available for EVERYONE to enjoy...just download the app and you can share your ideas on the web to friends.  We wanted to create a note taking tool that combined the best of both worlds - the effectiveness of simple short form index cards style visual notes with the power and features of long form complex note apps.  


NoteDex: The Best of short-form and long-form note apps



We've aimed to make the experience as true-to-life as possible, leveraging the power and benefits of technology to make using NoteDex better than using real index cards - and hopefully cooler too!

NoteDex is available for Windows, Android and also on the Web as a 'desktop-class' web app. It takes advantage of pen enabled devices like the Samsung Note phone or tablet, and will allow you to take beautiful ink notes, as well as just regular text ones – just like in real life.  Based on the latest web technologies you can share stacks with friends - be it project notes, a new screenplay, study cards, or even family recipes!

You can finally realize the power of technology, to amplify an already powerful method of using index cards, to become more organized, creative, and productive.

Let us know what you think.  We hope you enjoy the app for whatever you use it for.

Thanks for visiting NoteDex and we'd love to hear how you use it!


Prem Sundaram

Founder & CEO

Sundaram Applied Technologies, Inc.

Silicon Beach, California


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