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Organize Thoughts and Ideas

We are all inundated with information each and every day - leading to lots of stress. It truly is the new reality in life that we can't remember all the interesting pieces of information we come across - both on the web, and also the ideas that pop up into our head.


This is even more important if ideas and thoughts are your living - like if you are a consultant doing business strategy, or a blogger doing writing. As you generate more ideas and thoughts, your mind fills up, and then you start to forget! This causes stress and that feeling of 'ah..what was that thing I was thinking about...'. You know it! It happens all day in everyday life, and of course while you might use paper to capture some thoughts, what you really need is a simple, effective thought and idea capture tool. Where you can see and intuitively scroll back to find the notes you are looking for. Can we re-capture that feeling of calm?

During a day you might have a thought you want to capture, an idea that comes to mind, a to-do you need to capture, a website that you come across. All of these you ideally want to capture in one tool. And then you want to make sure you can access all this information on your mobile phone - or even another computer.

NoteDex was designed for the day-to-day person just looking for a simple way to capture and organize thoughts and ideas. Perhaps you are capturing notes on paper with a notebook, or even in other apps like OneNote or Evernote for example. But that's not working for you is it? What you need is a simple, note card style, reliable visual personal information management tool to support your memory and help you be more creative. 


Get those thoughts out of your head and into NoteDex - and free your mental memory for new thoughts! You will feel healthier and have less stress as your give your brain that extra memory capacity it needs. And dare we say it, you might even become happier, more productive and efficient having your notes well organized and have less worry as you get that article done, supercharge your research, or feel more confident about your project, and see your creativity increase.


With your thoughts organized you'll sleep better knowing you won't have forgotten them when you wake up! With more of your thoughts organized in a way that you can rely on to find them when you need them, you will have better decision making capabilities in your next meeting - referencing and leveraging the information you captured. Create a mind map with your pen to really let your creativity flow. NoteDex is actually technology agnostic - you can use it on any device.

We hope that you find NoteDex - our digital notebook - to be a simple, powerful and reliable tool for you to make part of your habit of note taking. What will you do with all the time that you save? Perhaps some meditation? Whether you are a student, a researcher, a business professional, or a hobbyist, NoteDex can bring calm and simplicity to life.

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Capture Thoughts and Ideas

Capture a single thought or idea on a single index card - even with a digital pen.   One Thought - One Card is a good way to capture all the important thoughts and ideas that you have. Using a digital pen stylus will allow your creativity to flow when capturing thoughts and ideas.


Use Any Device

Particularly important when taking notes on the fly, you want to be able to capture them on your mobile phone.  NoteDex has iOS and Android apps - and of course you can use on any web browser in a pinch!


Organize By Group and Tag

To help you find your thoughts and ideas later, consider using some of the powerful note organizing functions of NoteDex.  Unlike many apps out there, we keep it simple with folder and tag structure - so you can rapidly get to that note you wrote 6 months ago without any hassle.


Organize with Views

Viewing your notes spatially is important. To help you see your notes in different ways, we provide a number of ways to view your notes - both as a list or as a grid. Check out this video to see the power of NoteDex.

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