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Free Online NotePad

free online note pad digital notecard

How To Create and Share Securely Your Own Free Online Notes - No Download, No Login Required. Online Note Pad App!


A simple, easy to use free online writing notepad app that lets you create notes and share them with others - no software download needed! Use on your desktop, laptop or smartphone - on any web browser on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, iOS and Android - NoteDex supports Edge, Mac Safari, Safari on iOS iPad, Google Chrome OS and Firefox. NoteDex is the online notepad you're looking for!

NoteDex is completely free online notepad with up to 3 card stacks and works on any computer.

In this free online notepad you do not need to login, and can take notes and save your notes. However please note:

Your data is saved locally so be sure to SAVE and create an account if you start to add more cards! 

To create more (or save your data securely) please create an account to save and share notes online. If you like what you see please consider supporting us by upgrading to a full account. When you create a user account (for secure authentication) you can save your cards to our secure cloud database on the web and you don't have to worry about losing or saving your notes. You will have access for 7 days to unlimited cards and stacks - during which time you can buy NoteDex at a 50% discount.

​NoteDex features an easy to learn but full featured text editor for all your notetaking needs where you can type plain text, format rich text editor, add images, even handwritten digital ink! No other notecard app can do this - we are using next generation ink technology to achieve this. NoteDex cards give you the most personalization options among all notecard apps, with zero learning curve.  NoteDex is a great online memo note pad product item for business and consumers alike, allowing you to have color notepads that can be shared all over the world online, very easily.  You can even use a digital pen to draw handwritten notes, just like a post-it note.

Even in this free version of the app you can save to PDF, share as image, save as text txt file to your computer or Google / OneNote / Dropbox drive to open in Word. 

With the NoteDex Online Notepad Share Link feature, you can create a card and share it (or a whole stack of cards!) with a simple web link. Super easy - and your colleague doesn't need to have the app. Just a web browser. No need to cut, copy and paste into an email to share your ideas online without worry. You can even protect them with a password. 

Why use an Online Notepad?


NoteDex is an easy-to-use web application memo pad tool to organize your ideas and projects into visual stacks. Add notecards with text, images, sketches, and links, organize them and share your note pads with your team. No Download! Even advanced programmers find uses for online notepads to jot down and share their quick programming code like JSON, XML, CSS or even Data Scientists and Machine Learning TensorFlow programmers! In comparison to a paper note pad a notepad for online note taking allows you to:

  • Remember everything and tackle any project with your notes, tasks, and information all in one place - find your productivity happy place!

  • Save data from web pages and mark them up with highlights, and text to make them more useful.

  • Create cards with Author-Date system citations as part of your writing notes process

  • Get organized in stacks - you can organize stacks with groups and tags and view your cards in visual boards

  • When writing notes you can add rich text typing, highlighting, or ink annotations. with its advanced WYSIWYG text editor - no complicated markup to worry about

  • Ink and draw your thoughts and annotate your notes, using a stylus or your finger

  • Capture meeting, project and lecture notes

  • Capture your to-do items

  • Use bullet points, add tables and insert symbols

  • Add web page / web content / website URL hyperlinks

  • Write that recipe before you forget - and use it for your grocery list!

  • Use as a mini-crm to capture phone number, email addresses etc. 

  • Online notecards with NoteDex are great for the creative process, brainstorming, storyboarding, creative writing, note-taking, project management, mind-mapping, taking meeting notes, lecture notes and so much more.

  • Our simple text editing makes it easy to add your thoughts to a stack.

  • Use NoteDex as your online notepad to brainstorm ideas and share with your team, wherever they are.

  • Capture your thoughts and securely access them from any device. Your personal data is safe.

  • Add tags to organize the way you think

  • Export text as plain text to a word document, even print out your notes as a PDF to your printer.

  • View your notes online with any device from any location

  • Share your notes online to colleagues

  • Save paper and lighten the load in your bag, no need to carry a paper note pad


NoteDex - Your Notepad Online

NoteDex is like Samsung Notes or Apple Notes, except it is a cross platform solution so you can create and view notes online with any device. As a note pad online or as a free download NoteDex provides more flexibility and options to use. With our simple user interface, you can avoid using Microsoft Word or the need to setup a Google Drive just to create and share a quick note! It is one of the best free online notepads and is a simple online text editor. A good notepad gives a simple easy to use interface with autosave. NoteDex is the only notepad on the planet that can grow with your needs.

Start with our free 7 day trial. When you upgrade to a full user account you can have unlimited notecards.  No need for paper note pads anymore, unless you really want to buy one as a gift for yourself!

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