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NoteDex is the Only Notecard App with Cross-Platform Inking

Today we are fortunate to have all the major tablets support digital inking - like the Microsoft Surface Pro, the Samsung Galaxy Tab with S-Pen stylus, or the Apple iPad with Apple Pencil. 

All these devices are amazing, but not all notetaking apps can support inking across all of them.  Many apps are focused only on the Apple device ecosystem, and their notes with ink can only be shared to those devices.  That means if you created an ink note on your iPad you can't fire up your Windows device to keep editing it.  This is the case if you use, say, Apple Notes. 

Lucikly, NoteDex was built from the ground-up using the world's most advanced cross-platform inking technology that frees us from the lock-in of any one computing platform.  This gives you the flexibility to use any device on any computer and ink to your hearts content!  In fact the technology we use is so advanced we can also support inking using the web browser!


There are some extra features about the NoteDex digital ink technology that you might not realize - so we'll mention them here!


First, when you tap on a card with a stylus, the App will automatically go into ink mode. Neat!


Second, we give you a pallet of 3 pens and 1 highlighter that can all be configured with colors and size you want - that way it's like having 4 pens in your shirt pocket ready to switch between.

Third, and something apps like Evernote or OneNote can't do: we can draw over text and images wth ink.  You might be suprised when you use the other apps that you have to create a 'block' of ink - that is separate from an image or text - not particularly great.  That's not the case with NoteDex however - we allow you to annotate images and scribble your text all over the card text and images just like a real notecard!  

As you can tell we're very proud of how we have implemented advanced ink technology into NoteDex.  We hope you will enjoy using it and we hope it allows you to take amazing notes with your stylus enabled tablet device!

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