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One-Click Super Easy Share to Web!

One of the goals of NoteDex was to make sharing your cards with each other SUPER easy.  Too many apps require you to ask other people to setup accounts on their system in order for you to just simply share a document - it creates too much difficulty and effort for others, and makes something that needed to be simple, hard.   Luckily we have a solution! Our team of developers have created a really easy way to share a card - or a whole stack on the web -  and it's so simple even your parents can do it! 


You simply share a unique autogenerated webpage link for the Stack or Card,
and when your colleague clicks the link they will see your cards - simple!


We use this technique for our Web Tutorial - click this image and see!


How do you Create a Web Link to Share? 

On a Stack or on a Card just click the menu option and you will see 'Share to Web' - just click that and you will get a series of options - where you can set a password or even an expiration date.  No struggles to create or sign up for another account. The link is unique to you and can be password protected if you want to be extra private. You can even customize the background image your colleagues see!


Our Web Tutorial is made just this way.  We created a Stack with a number of NoteDex cards to teach our users - and then we shared it - with privacy - so you can all see but can't edit ;-)

Click the Stack Menu and Share to Web
Set Options, Copy Link and Share!
When the other person clicks the link they will see a page like this in their web browser - Click the image below to open this shared web link and see for yourself!
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