Write a Story with Visual Outliner

NoteDex provides a flexible and easy solution for that electronic digital note card software writing app you are looking for!  Our digital index cards replicate perfectly the real paper index cards.  You can create life-like digital note cards to outline your story or research paper.  NoteDex virtual note cards can be tagged with categories - great for organizing topics - and can also be organized into groups.    NoteDex also features a powerful power-grid corkboard or storyboard view - think of it like a more powerful Scrivener meets Trello digital note cards app!  With NoteDex you can capture all your inspirational quotes and view your index cards on your mobile phone.  Use handwriting to be really creative using your Apple iPad with Pencil stylus!   Share your creative story research board outline to colleagues for feedback - either on the web for true cross platform sharing or export to Text to start your writing.  


Index Cards with Colors and Tags

As a writer we understand your need to outline a story and visualize it. Thats why you like using Index Cards and will love using NoteDex.


Export to PDF and Text

As a writer once you have completed your story or research paper outline you can export all the cards as a text file to open in Word - or as a full PDF to share.


Visual Outliner Grid

Like a big board with all your index cards our Power Grid mode allows you to view your cards by rows and columns - powerful!


Organize by Group and Tag

 Use Groups and Tags to organize your writing as you like - Acts, Scenes, Characters - whatever you decide NoteDex handles it.



Use our powerful share to web feature to collaborate with colleagues on the web - securely - to view or edit - on any browser - get feedback on your writing.


Sort, Filter, Search

Use NoteDex powerful filter, sort and search options to find and show just the cards you are looking for.