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In a Meeting

Capture Customer Information

As business professionals we are all inundated with information each and every day - meetings with clients, things to follow up, websites and things we discovered and want to capture.  This information overload is particularly acute for consultants, lawyers, doctors, therapists, sales people - all of whom are regularly meeting people.   

If you have read our About section, you'll know the backstory of NoteDex and how it was designed by an information management consultant - initially for himself - and then offered to the public to help out other people - like you!   


The idea of short notes is critical to being able to focus and capture salient information about meetings and being able to organize and see them visually.  That's the unique feature about NoteDex. Sure there are may great apps out there like Evernote, OneNote, Notion, etc.. but they are all long-form editors and do not help you to organize by project visually.  They are either designed for the general population (Evernote, OneNote) or designed for the research and technical community (like Notion) which try to help you build a 'knowledge graph' or 'second brain' (trendy word these days).  Great if you are doing a PhD, not if you are trying to apply your PhD to solving a client issue on a project. 

See how you can use NoteDex as your virtual rolodex, your 'lite' customer relationship management CRM solution.  Use your digital stylus pen to take notes in your meeting - so you are not typing but looking at the person across the table from you!


For Business Consultants

As a business consultant, you often need to wear many hats.  The founder of NoteDex is an information management consultant.  He designed NoteDex to take ink notes when in a client meeting - so he could freeform take notes creatively and not distract from paying attention to the client during interviews.


For Doctors and Therapists

Doctors and Therapists need to track lots of client information.  We see many physical therapists using our app to create personal training stacks for each client - and then share that stack with the client on the web!


For Lawyers

Lawyers need to organize lots of information, sources, references and client information.  NoteDex can help you to easily capture, visualize, and retrieve your client notes.  Plus, with the true cross platform nature of NoteDex, you can access all your notes on any device or platfrom - even on the web. 

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For Sales People

You can use NoteDex like a personal lite CRM.  Keep track of all those notes that you can't capture in LinkedIn.  ou can even use the NoteDex Kanban view to keep track of your pipeline!

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