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License is linked to your login.  You can use NoteDex on as many devices as you like. 
Get a 50% discount on any plan if you buy during the 7 day free trial.

Limited-Time Lifetime Deal Available - Don't Sleep on This! - Just $49.99




$5.99 if purchased after free trial


Save 30% over Monthly


$49.99 if purchased after free trial


Limited Time Offer!

$49.99 One Time Payment

$99.99 if purchased after free trial

No Credit Card needed.  You will not be billed after 7 Day Trial finishes.

Are you a Student? Verify your Student Status and get 50% EDU Discount!

How to Purchase

Step 1: Login to NoteDex - either on the Web or Download the app and login through the app.

Step 2: On the homescreen there is a link at the top of the app.  If you are in the 7-day free trial it will say 'Click Here to Save 50% Today'' and if you are past the trial it will just say 'Buy to Add Cards'.  Just click the link and it will take you to the purchase options page.  You will see options for monthly, yearly, and lifetime purchase.

If you are using Windows or on the Web it will show a purchase page powered by Stripe.  This is where you can also add any discount codes.  If you are using Apple or Android devices it will show an in-app purchase page.  Unfortunately, we can't do the discount inside the in-app purchase system from Apple or Google Play.   

If you are a student or have a discount code you can claim the discount just by logging in on the Web, entering the discount code, and purchasing.  Once you do that your account will be activated.


You can then use any of your devices and the app will be authorized on all of your computers, tablets and phones.  Your license is connected to your login so you can use NoteDex on any computer that you log in to and will not need to pay again. So, for instance, you might purchase it through the NoteDex Web app, and then download the Apple mobile app and login.  NoteDex will automatically see that you are a registered user (remember to use the same login on all your devices!) and you can simply continue to use the app - you won't see any purchase options.

Also please note that when the 7-day trial finishes you will not be charged. You will only be charged if and when you choose to purchase NoteDex.   So, you don't need to worry about signing up and testing NoteDex.  At the end of the free 7-day trial the app will simply go into a 'restricted' mode - you can still view any cards you created but you will not be able to add any new ones until you decide to purchase NoteDex. And we hope you do!

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Confident Woman


Super cool features, organized so well and love the space backdrop, paid for the year!​


Jessa, Medical Student


….just like the old days with the card index box, only faster and much more productive! Give it also a try!​


Michael, Consultant


For me, Notedex is a handy addition to OneNote. The cards give a clear overview and is a nice tool for research. ​


Andre, Researcher

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