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NoteDex is the perfect way to make your own virtual index cards. With NoteDex Index Cards App, you can customize your cards any way you want. You can add text, ink, images, and more. Plus, with NoteDex, you'll never have to worry about running out of paper cards for your ideas and note taking.  As the leading app for making life-like online index cards we are constantly improving the app.  See how easy and quick it is to create your digital index cards!




Index Cards are so versatile with uses for project research, writing, studying, note taking, brainstorming.  If you are looking for a digital index cards app, you have come to the right place.  NoteDex allows you to make the most life-like index cards digitally, and provides you all the features of an online notecard, note-taking and note organizing app that you want.  Index Cards are a great way to store information for students learning and making flashcards, researchers capturing knowlege, concepts and references, and business professionals capturing project information.

Use on your Apple Mac, Microsoft Windows, iPad, iPhone or Android Phone, and any desktop PC with a web browser. Use your digital ink pen stylus on your tablet to create handwritten index cards and capture your thoughts and ideas creatively. NoteDex features seamless sync capability with our enterprise grade cloud-sync that keeps NoteDex in sync on all your devices automatically.

NoteDex also provides advanced print capabilities - so you can create and print your index cards to PDF with a variety  of formats including onto Avery 5388 paper and also in 2x2 or 3x3 storyboard format!  Discover more about NoteDex and sign-up for the free 7 day trial on the web or download our app!

No need to order index cards ever again! Create unlimited Index Cards!

digital index card
image of index card stack


Create a Stack

Once you launch NoteDex you can view all your stacks - and create new stacks. Stacks are just 'stacks' of cards - great for organizing all your projects, notes, ideas, recipes.. the list goes on!

With NoteDex you can customize the image cover of each of your stacks - a very visual way to help you organize your information - choose a project logo, or just a fun image that captures your mood.


Create a New Index Card

When you add a new note card in your stack you will be presented with a life-like render of a 3 x 5 format index card size.  You will see the title, body area, and can also add text and more on the back of the card.

image of blank index card
example of digital index card


Add Text and Images

One of the standout differentiating features of NoteDex is the ability to add text, insert photos and more.    You will see a full rich-text toolbar of options, you can insert hyperlinks, tables, and symbols. You can type an unlimited amount of text onto each card and even change the background card color


Draw with Digital Ink

Unique to NoteDex is the ability to use your stylus digital ink pen and draw on a card. You can even use your finger or mouse to sketch diagrams!  Unlike other apps, you can draw all over your note cards and even over text and images - ideal to annotate drawings, creating flash cards for learning or for note taking. It's also the only index card note app where you can edit your ink cross platform - not just on a Windows Microsoft Surface Pro or Apple iPad device - using our advanced ink technology on all our index card apps.

Learn more about ink and stylus support



Pick an Index Card Template

You can further customize your index cards by adding a custom background template. NoteDex provides a set of supplied index card templates so you can create a ruled index card, and you also just use any image and upload from your computer to make your own.  This is an ideal way to take a picture of a real index card and insert it onto your NoteDex index cards if you want to digitize those priceless family recipe note cards! You can even have different templates on one side and the other!


Keep your Index Cards Organized

After you have created your cards you can organize them into folders (groups) and add tags to categorize. 

Tags can be either unique to a stack or global across all stacks.  Ideal if you are managing different projects or to do lists and don't want to see the tags from another project stack.  You can also mark cards as 'favorites' for quick retrieval as part of your project management or for cards you are trying hard to learn.

Learn more about organizing index cards.



Share and Print Index Cards

Share your masterpieces with the world!  You can print index cards to PDF - single or double sided - and then share them with colleagues.  Better (and save a tree) you can share them on the web, securely with our super simple share feature.  Set password permission and expiration dates to make sure.   You can even collaborate with colleagues giving them the permission to edit the stack of index cards!

Learn how to print index cards with NoteDex!


An Index Card App for All Your Devices

NoteDex is available as a Mac app, Windows app, iOS App, Android app and Web app.  The Web app allows you to use on any web browser and any device.    Whether you use an iPad with Apple Pencil, Samsung with S-Pen, or Windows Surface Pro with Ink Pen, you can create an amazing note card on any device, even create quick notes on your phone!

Download NoteDex Apps

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Corkboard Writing App

Just like using a real corkboard, NoteDex features a Power Grid organizer where you can map out and view your entire projects.  If you have a TV go ahead and project it on the big screen and discuss with colleagues!  College students can also use this view to see all their flash cards in one high level view. Learn More

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