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Organize Stacks into Workspaces

NoteDex Workspaces are a new feature that was introduced in early 2024.  Workspaces extend NoteDex into a 3rd dimension - literally!  Now you can organize Cards into Stacks, and Stacks into Workspaces.   Each Workspace is a 'home' for your Stacks.  Note: We start you off with a 'Home' Workspace which loads automatically on start-up, after which you can add/edit any number of additional Workspaces.

Create as many Workspaces as you like, and customize them with unique background images or colors.  This helps you to switch between projects, work or study areas.  

For example, create different Workspaces for each major project or class year you are in - so you can organize individual Stacks within them among a similar topic. 


For example, for a 'Work' Workspace you might have Stacks for Meeting Notes, Ideas, Plans, and Stacks for specific activities such as '2024 Website update' etc. 

Then you might have a second Workspace for a personal project like 'My New Book' - and Stacks within that for your writing ideas, book research, story outline, characters etc.  





Example of an 'App Development' Workspace with 3 Stacks inside the Workspace




The possibilities are endless! How will you use Workspaces?

workspace example.png
workspace - dropdown.png
Workspace Dropown
Select one of your Workspaces or Add/Edit to create a new one
workspace - edit.png
Workspace Add/Edit
Add an unlimited number of Workspaces and customize with a unique background image.
workspace - move.png
Move Stacks Between Workspaces
Right-click Stack menu and move/copy Stacks to different Workspaces
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