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Finally - An App to Print Index Cards

We hear you! How can something so simple seem so hard?  Printing Index Cards from Word is - well - a nightmare as you know.  Luckily you have found the right solution and are in the right place!   NoteDex makes it easy to create and print index cards- on any paper you have - Index Card stock, US letter, A4 or Avery 5388 card stock.

By now you know you can create beautiful index card style notecards with NoteDex - with text, ink and images both on the front and the back.  But how do you print index cards? Easy!  In our Stack or Card menu we allow you to 'Save to PDF' and then you can print your PDF.   

But wait, there's more!

We give you a range of print format options so you can print index cards on whatever paper you have - making it truly possible to print unlimited index cards from NoteDex.

What do we mean by this? Here are the options you get - there are a lot but if you have ever tried to print index cards you'll appreciate the options since each user often has a specific format or printer to work with:

print index cards

You can see we offer a range of print options for how the cards should look on the page, whether you want us to print the front, back or both sides, and even which groups or categories of cards you want to print - so you don't have to print your whole stack!

print index cards

You can see the range of print options - you can have the front of each card printed on separate pages, or both sides on the same page.  You can have one side on each side but in landscape (better if printing to landscape format real index cards if your printer can support that).


You can print to Avery 5388 format (pre-perforated card stock - and we'll handle printing on both sides!), and Avery format with a border if you don't have Avery card stock but want guide lines to cut your cards from regular paper! 


And not to mention 2x2 and 3x3 formats which are nice to see 4 or 9 small cards on a single page.  Phew!   Tell us if we're missing any print options ;-)

Here's an example of printing front of cards in Avery 5388 format with border:

printed index card avery 5388

Interested in printing your own handwritten cards?  Check out our article about making Handwritten Cards with NoteDex

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