The Ultimate Index Card Style Note Taking & Note Organizing App

NoteDex is the only Index Card style Note-Taking and Note-Organizing app that lets you create true life-like cards that are better than real index cards!  We are proud of our app with industry leading capabilities. We have designed our app around our proprietary C.O.R.E methodology - our four key principals of information management (Create, Organize, Retrieve, Exchange).

NoteDex also features true cross platform capabilities - some apps work on MacOS & iOS only, some on Windows or Android only. NoteDex works across all - so you can create notes and share with anyone.  Furthermore, all our features work on all our apps - so you can start inking a card on your iPad and continue on your Surface Tablet for instance.  Check out some of our features by testing out our app!

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index card with picture of milky way


NoteDex is a full featured note taking application allowing you to create cards with richly formatted text, images and even digital ink with active stylus support - even on web!  Choose background card colors and background images.  Supports tables and, bullet points and hyperlinks. 


Organize cards for fast retrieval into Stacks, with group folders and category tags. Organize your projects, classes, stories and more.

index cards
previews of index cards


Find your information fast when you need it. Search by keyword. Filter and sort by category tag or date. High quality mini visual previews help you see your cards without having to open them.  New Productivity Side-Bar on web shows recent cards and you can take a quick note.  NoteDex is designed for the visual thinker - it's just like using real index cards!


Share Stacks and exchange information with colleagues. Collaborate with colleagues who you decide if they can only view or also edit stacks. No app needed - they just need a web browser!  Set permissions, passwords and expiration dates for shared stacks. View our Tutorial Stack which is a NoteDex shared stack!

notedex index cards tutorial cards
pc and phone


Whichever device you use you have access to all your notes with our true multi-platform cloud sync.  Our advanced technology automatically synchronizes your data via our true cloud sync and you can be sure to have access to your notes with any of your devices - iOS, Mac, Windows or Android when you need it.


We've included a Study Mode where you can study front, back and shuffle cards.  Keep score and learn again on your mobile, tablet or desktop. Follows the Leitner spaced repetition learning model.  Multiple options allow you to select which cards to study and at which study stage (New, Wrong, Not Sure, Right).

study mode menu


Unlike other note apps out there we not only support digital ink with your pen stylus, but we support cross-platform ink - with our intuitive interface.  Even other major note apps only allow you to add handwriting in boxes - we allow you to scribble all over the card, over images and let your ideas flow freely and creatively!


If you are a planner or a writer, being able to visualize your card and see them - on a storyboard in the writing world or a whiteboard in the office - is extremely helpful to seeing connections and insights to help creativity.  NoteDex features a special Organizing View with multiple options.  Learn More.