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Introducing NoteDex Canvas
Your Freeform Thinking Canvas

Capture your thoughts and ideas quickly and easily on our freeform Canvas- let your mind roam! 




NoteDex just got a huge new upgrade with NoteDex Canvas.  With this new feature you can:


  • Brainstorm your thoughts and ideas quickly and easily on a virtual whiteboard

  • Visualize concepts in freeform mind-maps and concept maps

  • Create a virtual storyboard for mapping out a story or project plan

  • Have a visual view of many Index Cards in one place to see your big picture!

As always with NoteDex, we believe a picture is worth a thousand words so we'll show some highlights of what is possible to be created with NoteDex. Check out our blog to see what you can do with Canvas

NoteDex Canvas is a major step forward in NoteDex - since it is the first time we introduce a new 'object type' into NoteDex.  Up to now we have had the standard 'Card' which enables you to create and print lifelike Index Cards and Flashcards. However, we recognized that our users needed something slightly different.  Still under the concept of Index Cards, the need for a virtual whiteboard / storyboard / freeform canvas was apparent - and that is what we have created!   NoteDex Canvas is included as an upgrade for all users and comes standard with any NoteDex purchase. Create Cards or Canvases - or both!


Index Cards are so versatile with uses for project research, writing, studying, note taking, brainstorming.  With NoteDex Canvas we take this up a level to give you the options of a quick to use virtual Canvas to capture your inspiration quickly.


If you are looking for the most comprehensive, cross platform, digital index cards app, you have come to the right place.  NoteDex allows you to make the most life-like index cards digitally, and provides you all the features of an online notecard, note-taking and note organizing app that you want. 


What is the difference between NoteDex Cards and Canvas?

NoteDex Index Cards and Canvases exist side by side in your Stacks.  When you are in a Stack you can add new Cards or Canvases - like this:

Use NoteDex Cards to take more detailed notes, with images and ink.  NoteDex Cards can be printed in a variety of formats.

Use NoteDex Canvas to capture short pieces of text which enable to think fast and capture your thoughts in the flow.  You can then export this text to be used later. 

This is a NoteDex Card.png
Project Plan for Quantum Computer_front_
cards canvas.png
canvas examples thumbnail.png

How to Use NoteDex Canvas

image of index card stack


Create a New Stack

Once you launch NoteDex you can view all your Stacks - and create new Stacks. Stacks are just 'stacks' of Cards and Canvases- great for organizing all your projects, notes, ideas, recipes.. the list goes on!

With NoteDex you can customize the image cover of each of your Stacks - a very visual way to help you organize your information - choose a project logo, or just a fun image that captures your mood.


Create a New Canvas

When you add a new canvas in your Stack you will be presented with a 3 x 5 format canvas.  You will see the title, the canvas area, and can chang the background color to any color you like.  Depending on the size of your screen you will see scroll bars on the right and below.

blank canvas_edited.jpg
card on canvas.png


Add a Card

NoteDex Canvas has been designed to keep you in the flow - to help you capture and organize your thoughts without slowing you down. 

Double click anywhere on the Canvas to add a card.  Change card sizes, colors and more.  When editing a card you will have a full selection of rich-text options to change font colors, styles and formatting.


Add and Move Cards

With NoteDex Canvas, the only limit is your creativity.


As you have seen by now you can map out and visualize your thoughts and ideas easily - great for thinking, planning,  and visualizing your mental maps


What's on Your Canvas?

Mind Map_front_edited.jpg
export canvas.png


Export and Share

Ideas will only go so far so as you would expect from NoteDex, the only cross-platform Index Cards tool, you can export the cards in your Canvas in a variety of ways!  Save as text, copy and paste, save as images or PDF to email to colleagues. 


Keep your Canvases Organized

Each Canvas is like a Card in NoteDex, so you can use the same great visual organizing features that you are familiar with and which make NoteDex unique.   Each NoteDex Canvas saves as a preview, so just like with regular NoteDex Cards, you get a rapid visual preview of the Canvas so you can quickly remember and retrieve the Canvas you want easily.

canvas examples thumbnail.png
Macbook on Round Desk.jpg


Brainstorm on All Your Devices

NoteDex is available as a Mac app, Windows app, iOS App, Android app and Web app.  The Web app allows you to use on any web browser and any device.    Whether you use an iPad with Apple Pencil, Samsung with S-Pen, or Windows Surface Pro with Ink Pen, you can create an amazing note cards and canvases on any device, even create quick notes on your phone!

Want to Learn More?


The Pivotal Role of Visual Tools in Creative and Planning Workflows

As we navigate the complexities of brainstorming and developing ideas, the significance of visual tools cannot be overstated. Whether it's for a professional project or an academic setup, having the right toolkit can substantially streamline the process. Visual aids not only enhance communication, but they also provide a concrete framework to build and refine concepts.

Unlocking Creativity with Visual Representation

Visual tools act as a catalyst for creativity. They allow individuals and teams to externalize thoughts, making abstract ideas more tangible. This is particularly important in the early stages of a project when the potential directions are limitless. A visually rich environment stimulates the brain, encouraging free-flowing thought and innovation.

Fostering Clear Communication and Collaboration

When multiple stakeholders are involved, maintaining clarity can be challenging. Visual tools serve as a common language, cutting through the clutter of misinterpretation. They provide a shared space where all participants can see, add, or adjust elements, thus promoting transparency and understanding within the group.

Streamlining Project Planning

Planning is intrinsic to the success of any venture. By integrating visual tools such as whiteboards and storyboards, teams can oversee the entirety of a project at a glance. Prioritizing tasks, identifying bottlenecks, and allocating resources becomes more intuitive with a visual representation, leading to better-informed decisions and a smoother workflow.

Benefits of Visualizing Concepts

  • Simplifies complex ideas: Breaking down multifaceted concepts into digestible visuals aids comprehension and retention.

  • Enhances engagement: A visual format is more engaging, keeping team members invested and focused.

  • Accommodates diverse thinking: Individuals process information differently — visual tools cater to various cognitive styles and preferences.

  • Tracks progress: A visual outline makes it easier to monitor advancements and keep momentum going.

The convergence of visual aids into our ideation and planning phases is more than a convenience—it's a transformative shift that empowers creativity and structure. In the following sections, we will explore how NoteDex freeform Canvas embodies these virtues, offering a dynamic platform for whiteboard storyboarding that revolutionizes the way we approach collaboration and conceptualization.

Unleash Your Storytelling Genius with NoteDex Canvas 

Welcome to the world of unfettered creativity and seamless collaboration with NoteDex Canvas, your new go-to whiteboard storyboard tool! In today's digital landscape, the versatility of a visual aid can profoundly impact the success of a project. And with NoteDex freeform Canvas, you're unlocking a treasure trove of possibilities.

Why Choose NoteDex Canvas ?

Whether you're a remote team, a classroom of eager learners, or an individual brimming with ideas, NoteDex Canvas'  dynamic platform is designed to foster innovation. A blank canvas can sometimes be daunting, but NoteDex Canvas intuitive interface invites you to easily organize your thoughts, brainstorm, and weave together stories that resonate.

  • Drag and drop text elements with ease

  • Sketch out concepts to share and refine with your team

  • Use expansive space to map out even the most complex narratives

Transitioning from a mental image to a visible construct requires tools that adapt as quickly as your thoughts. That's exactly what NoteDex Canvas offers. Ready to revolutionize the way you collaborate and create? Dive into NoteDex Canvas and experience a seamless flow of ideas!

Exploring NoteDex Canvas - A Freeform Tool for Collaborative Creativity

NoteDex Canvas is revolutionizing the way teams collaborate creatively from all corners of the globe. Whether you're a designer, educator, or project manager, this dynamic whiteboard storyboard tool can transform your collective brainstorming and idea mapping processes.

What is NoteDex Canvas?

Aquick overview of the app indicates that it’s much more than just a digital canvas. NoteDex Canvas is a flexible tool designed to facilitate creativity, allowing individuals to contribute, edit, and participate, irrespective of their location.

When it comes to compatibility, NoteDex Canvas shines on all modern devices, and it's particularly noteworthy in that it works on all devices, not just on an iPad like Apple Freeform. The intuitive interface empowers users with the freedom to manipulate and navigate projects with ease.

Key Features of Canvas Freeform

  • Large canvas: Say goodbye to the constraints of physical space. NoteDex Canvas offers an large digital canvas, allowing your ideas to expand as far as your creativity takes you.  But unlike other apps we don't create infinitely large canvases - since that is something that you mind cannot visualize.  We are focused on creative tools to help your mind think, not get more lost!

  • Export and share.  Seamless exports means NoteDex Canvas plays well with your existing suite of tools, aiding in a smoother, more cohesive workflow.

  • Customization options for the creative process: Tailor every aspect of your workspace to fit the needs of your project. From font styles to card color selections, NoteDex Canvas adapts to your creative preferences.

Through these features and more, NoteDex Canvas provides the flexibility and scalability essential for collaborative endeavors in today's fast-paced, digital environment. Embrace the unlimited potential of your team's creativity with NoteDex Canvas.

The Power of Whiteboarding in Project Planning and Management

Effective project management hinges on clear communication and collaborative planning. With the widespread adoption of remote work, tools that facilitate these practices have become increasingly essential. Whiteboarding, a longstanding staple in project planning, has evolved beyond the physical realm, directly into the digital space — offering dynamic ways to visualize and manage projects collectively.

Defining Whiteboard Strategy in Project Management

A whiteboard strategy encompasses the use of visual aids to map out project timelines, tasks, and resources. The goal is to create a shared understanding among team members, enabling seamless decision-making and efficient task management. This visual approach to project planning encourages engagement and provides a bird's eye view of the project's overall landscape.

How NoteDex Canvas Revolutionizes the Traditional Whiteboard

NoteDex Canvas breathes new life into the classic whiteboarding technique. This digital tool is tailored for the modern-day team that values flexibility and innovation. With its state-of-the-art features, NoteDex Canvas transcends the limitations of the traditional whiteboard.

  • Use on any device: Team members can work together, regardless of their physical device, ensuring that every idea is captured and every voice is heard. This aspect fosters a collaborative environment where creativity and productivity thrive, regardless of which device they use.

  • Link sharing for seamless communication: NoteDex Canvas enables team leads and members to share their whiteboard canvas with stakeholders inside and outside the organization effortlessly. By facilitating an exchange of visual information, stakeholders can gain insights, provide feedback, and remain engaged in the project's progress.

Embracing NoteDex Canvas as a whiteboard storyboard tool is more than an upgrade from pen and paper; it's a strategic decision that can lead to more effective project management, an increase in productive collaboration, and ultimately, a successful project outcome.

Enhancing Interactive Presentations with Visual Brainstorming Techniques

Unlocking the full potential of interactive presentations begins with the power of visual brainstorming techniques. In an age where ideas must resonate quickly and clearly, integrating visual elements not only captivates your audience but also fuels collaborative ideation.

The Role of Visual Elements in Generating Ideas

Visual elements serve as the catalyst for rapid idea generation, making complex concepts easier to understand and discuss. By leveraging visual tools like NoteDex Canvas, teams can create and share dynamic visuals that spark creativity and foster a deeper level of engagement during brainstorming sessions.

Practical Tips on Using NoteDex Canvas for Visual Brainstorming

  • Start with a clear objective: Define what you aim to achieve from the brainstorming session and tailor your visuals accordingly.

  • Encourage freeform thinking: Utilize NoteDex Canvas's flexible workspace to let ideas flow without constraints, ensuring a wide array of thoughts and concepts.

  • Incorporate different ideas: Take advantage of NoteDex Canvas's support for various card sizes and colors, to enrich your storyboards.

  • Iterate on the go: Make edits and adjustments to adapt to the evolving flow of ideas and inputs from participants.

Creating Impactful Visual Aids

An impactful visual aid is one that not only conveys your message but also engages your audience. With NoteDex Canvas, create compelling storyboards that lead your audience on a visual journey of discovery and insight.

Embrace Agile: How NoteDex Canvas Powers Iterative Design

Agile methodologies have revolutionized the way teams develop products, emphasizing incremental progress, flexibility, and continuous improvement. In this dynamic environment, the ability to visualize and organize tasks is imperative to success. That's where NoteDex Canvas enters the equation, bringing an innovative approach to Agile workflows.

Agile Principles and the Iterative Design Process

At the core of Agile is the iterative design process, which breaks down projects into manageable chunks, known as "sprints." Each sprint leads to a reviewable deliverable, allowing teams to reflect, iterate, and enhance products systematically. NoteDex Canvas supports this methodology by providing a flexible whiteboard space that teams can use for sprint planning, retrospectives, and continuous product refinement.

Using NoteDex Canvas to Facilitate Agile Workflows

NoteDex Canvas is specially designed to cater to Agile principles. It acts as a digital canvas that can be shaped and re-shaped to fit the evolving needs of a project. With its adaptable interface, teams are able to:

  • Organize tasks: Create clear visual representations of upcoming sprints, with tasks and objectives laid out for everyone to see and understand.

  • Project iterations: Sketch out product iterations, add annotations, and invite feedback directly onto the storyboard, streamlining the iteration process.

  • Adapt to changes swiftly: React to change rapidly and update plans in real time, an essential aspect of Agile's adaptive approach to project management.

By integrating NoteDex Canvas into Agile practices, teams not only nurture collaboration but also enhance their ability to be responsive and innovative in the face of change.

The Significance of UX Design in Whiteboard Tools

The impact of user experience (UX) design on the effectiveness of whiteboard storyboard tools cannot be overstated. As we navigate the intricate web of creativity and collaboration, the intersection of UX design and whiteboard storyboarding emerges as a foundational aspect for success. Whiteboard tools like NoteDex Canvas are not just meant for sketching ideas; they are also a gateway to enhanced communication and shared understanding.

How Canvas Freeform Caters to UX Principles

NoteDex Canvas stands out as an exemplary tool that embraces the core tenets of UX design:

  • Intuitive Interface and Easy Navigation: The layout of NoteDex Canvas is designed for immediate comprehension, allowing users to focus on their brainstorming rather than on learning how to use the tool. This ease of use is integral for a fluid creative process, ensuring that ideas are captured as swiftly as they arise.

  • User-Centered Features for Seamless Collaboration: By providing features that anticipate the needs of its users, NoteDex Canvas fosters an environment that enhances teamwork. With options such as card sizes and colors, and effortless idea sharing, it ensures that everyone on the team is on the same page, literally and metaphorically.

The dedication to UX design within NoteDex Canvas creates a platform where users can harness the full potential of whiteboard storyboarding, making it an indispensable tool in today's diverse work and learning environments.

Empowering Education with Digital Storyboarding

Digital storytelling has revolutionized the landscape of education, introducing dynamic new methods to engage students and enhance learning experiences. By integrating technology with traditional teaching techniques, educators have an opportunity to transform the classroom with compelling visual stories.

The Transformative Role of Digital Storytelling in Education

Storytelling is at the heart of modern education. With the rise of edtech solutions, digital storytelling has emerged as a powerful pedagogical ally, enabling educators to convey complex concepts in relatable and memorable ways. It incites curiosity, boosts cognitive engagement, and fosters emotional connections, making learning both influential and enduring.

NoteDex Canvas: A New Horizon in Educational Technology Tools

Enter NoteDex Canvas, the whiteboard storyboard tool that is redefining how educators plan, present, and collaborate on lesson content. This platform allows the seamless integration of thoughts and ideas, making it an invaluable asset in any educator's toolkit.

Storyboarding Concepts and Lesson Planning

The practice of storyboarding offers a structured approach to lesson planning. Teachers can create a visual representation of their lessons with NoteDex Canvas, allowing them to map out instructional flows and anticipate student needs. This visual approach to planning fosters a clear, engaging, and effective path for learning endeavors.

Enhancing Distance Learning Experiences

In the context of remote education, NoteDex Canvas steps in as a vital tool for maintaining student engagement and collaboration. It bridges the gap created by physical distance, providing an interactive canvas where ideas can flourish, replicating the vibrancy of a traditional classroom in a virtual environment.

  • Simple Features: A simple but powerful Canvas allows students of all skill levels to create a NoteDex Canvas

  • Collaboration: Educators and students can co-create content, fostering a sense of community and shared learning.

  • Accessibility: Cross platform access enables consistent and inclusive educational experiences for all students, regardless of location.

The Integration of Creative Process in Design with Canvas Freeform

Design thinking and whiteboarding are two essential elements in the world of creative and design processes. The dynamic duo serves as the backbone for project conceptualization, planning, and execution. With the advent of digital tools like NoteDex Canvas, this interplay has taken on a new level of efficiency and collaboration, enabling designers and creative teams to capture and refine their ideas like never before.

Utilizing Canvas Freeform in the Design Process

NoteDex Canvas acts as a catalyst within the design process, by offering a large - yet constrained - digital canvas where creativity can be unleashed yet contained without endless scrolling. Teams can illustrate complex concepts, create detailed storyboards, and build rich visual narratives without the physical limitations of a traditional whiteboard. This flexibility ensures that every idea, no matter how intricate, is given the space to evolve.

Capturing the Essence of Ideas Visually

The ability to visually capture the essence of an idea is critical in design. A quick sketch can speak louder than a thousand-word brief, and with NoteDex Canvas, these sketches become interactive pieces of a larger puzzle. As stakeholders interact with these visual elements, the ideas start to come to life, enabling a deeper understanding and more meaningful discussions around the design direction.

Streamlining Feedback and Iterations

Feedback is the linchpin of any successful design process. NoteDex Canvas streamlines this element by allowing for collaborations and annotations. Instead of lengthy email threads or cumbersome file transfers, team members can pinpoint areas of interest directly on the Canvas, making for efficient and precise iterations. This instant feedback loop can dramatically reduce the time spent in revisions and hasten the journey from concept to completion.

In integrating NoteDex Canvas into the design process, creative professionals not only enhance their workflow but also ensure that their work is more adaptable, inclusive, and cohesive. As we push forward in this digital age, tools like Canvas Freeform are not just helpful; they are indispensable in bringing the brightest ideas to light.

Unleash Your Team's Full Potential with NoteDex Canvas 

As we've explored the dynamic capabilities of NoteDex Canvas whiteboard storyboard, it's clear that it stands as a beacon for innovation and productivity in today's fast-paced digital era. Embracing both the immersive experience of visual brainstorming and the efficiency of remote collaboration, NoteDex Canvas has reshaped how ideas come to life.

The significance of interactive and collaborative tools has never been more apparent. With the modern workforce diversifying and digital learning taking center stage, NoteDex Canvas provides a platform that not only keeps up with these changes but enhances them. It's more than just a tool; it's a creative companion that brings your team's vision into reality.

In closing, whether you're coordinating a complex project plan, giving wings to your latest design concept, or engaging in an educational storytelling exercise, NoteDex Canvas offers the canvas you need. It's compatible with you and your team's workflow, especially for those on-the-go moments with its seamless mobile and tablet interfaces.

  • Collaborative brainstorming has never been easier.

  • Storyboards come to life with just a few taps.

  • Agile methodologies are enhanced through real-time updates and shared visuals.

  • UX design is brought to the forefront, creating an intuitive experience for all.

We invite you to join the myriad of satisfied users who have seen their projects transformed by NoteDex Canvas . Why not see the difference for yourself?

Ready to Elevate Your Projects?

Take the first step towards a more collaborative and engaged creative process. Try NoteDex Canvas today and witness how your ideas can flourish in a freeform environment. Let go of the limitations, sketch out your dream project, and storyboard your way to success. Get started now by clicking the link to sign up on the web or download the app on any of your devices.

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