Computer Programming

Organize your Research and Web Link Information

Index Cards were originally designed to capture short pieces of information - for example a title or a quote, and they often included link references to more cards.  Today we have the internet and you can not only use NoteDex as your digital index cards app, but now with the power of adding hyperlinks!  As you conduct your project research, create a card and paste in the hyperlink of the source material or citation. Capture a key quote onto the same card.  Later when you need to find your notes you'll be able to use keyword search. Use Groups and Tags to organize and categorize your work so it's even easier to find visually.

image of weblink on index card


Add Weblinks

Adding a weblink is easy in NoteDex - just copy and paste the link onto the card.  Coming soon: embedded preview of the webpage so you can even more quickly see what that card was all about


Organize by Group and Tag

You can organize your research note cards by group and tag.  Customize your tags by color to make it even  easier to see.  In the thumbnail card view you'll see colored icons for each tag to make it fast to view.



Powerful Search

Search your notes for that keyword you need.  NoteDex allows you to search either just your specific stack of research, or all your stacks.


Share your Research

NoteDex allows you to share your research with your colleagues. Ideal if you are in a team and want a super simple sharing method.  No need for your team to sign up for a user account - we designed NoteDex to be so easy that your Mom can use it!  Just create a link and share. New: Now you can even just share a specific group or set of cards based on a tag.