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How to Create Digital Index Cards

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

There are two ways to create digital index cards and flashcards. The easy way is to make index cards is with the index cards app called NoteDex, which can be used on any computer. The hard way is to try and use Word, Excel, Google Docs and use an Avery template format. An index cards app is already formatted and allows you to easily add information on the front and back of a card. Not something you can do using other methods. In this article we will show you a step by step guide of how to make index cards using NoteDex. It's much easier than trying how to make notecards using google docs!

NoteDex allows you to create index cards using any computer - including tablets that support a digital stylus - a Microsoft Surface Pro, a Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, or an Apple iPad with Apple Pencil. Learn about NoteDex Index Card features here.

Blank digital index card
A Digital Index Card created by NoteDex

How to Make an Index Card Online?

NoteDex features a web-interface where you can create an index card online without the need to download any app. It is the only index cards that is truly cross platform and perfect for this digital world. You can be creating online index cards very quickly in three steps:

Step 1: Login to NoteDex

Go to and sign in. You can also use the Windows app or Android app. You can easily login using your existing Google, Apple, or Microsoft login so you don't need to create a new login account.

Step 2: Create a Stack

NoteDex uses the index cards concept of Cards and Stacks. Stacks are simply collections of Cards. You can name your Stack and also add a picture - this is great for project management say when you have a lot of different projects and you can, for instance, use the logo of a client as the stack cover image.

Step 3: Create a Card

Once you add a Card to the Stack you can now edit your index card. No more paper index cards and forest pulping guilt!

NoteDex is a surprisingly powerful tool and allows you to:

  • Type detailed notes on both sides of the index card

  • Format text with rich text - such as bold, italic, change font size, color and more

  • Use your digital pen such as your Apple Pencil - even on the web! No other online index card app can do this

  • Use advanced features such as insert photos, index card templates, category tags, organize by group folders, change card color and more

  • Export and print your cards as PDF

Using Online Index cards as Digital Flash Cards

You can also use more features of NoteDex to create and study digital flash cards. NoteDex features a Letiner based spaced repetition Study Mode which allows you to study your flash cards and mark them as 'Wrong, Right, or Not Sure'. You can also edit the answer choices in settings so if these study answer names don't make sense or you want to customize into your own language then you can. A nice NoteDex feature for all students worldwide!

Using Index Cards to Create Storyboards

Another great use case for online index cards is for outlining writing projects. NoteDex is perfect for this task also, and you tag cards and move cards around in a storyboard view. NoteDex features a Power Grid mode to help do this, so it looks like a large board, just like using real index cards! As mentioned before, because NoteDex is cross platform you can do this on Windows and Mac computers. Learn More.

How to make Index Cards in Google Docs?

We recommend you do not try to make Index Cards in Google Docs, since the app is not designed for that! If you are trying how to make index cards in google docs you will spend a lot of time formatting and positioning text which will make you less productive. We recommend using NoteDex so you can immediately and easily create double sided index cards, something very difficult in Google docs.

How to make Index Cards in Microsoft Word?

As above, the same recommendation applies. Microsoft Word is not really designed to make a lot of index cards, and definitely not for creating double sided cards and organizing them. Again, for your productivity and efficiency, as well as creative control, we recommend making Index Cards in NoteDex.


It's easy to make index cards and flash cards using NoteDex. You don't need to struggle with using Word and custom templates and trying to get the paper size right, let alone figure out how to add text on the back of the index card!

NoteDex is an ideal note taking app for the Microsoft Surface Pro with digital pen, and is also perfect for all the ways you want to use index cards such as taking notes, planning entire projects, and if you want to sketch diagrams using digital ink.

You can use it on all your devices - Mac and Windows - and will sync to your multiple devices like your iPhone or Android phone. It's perfect to create flashcards with handwriting and you can draw diagrams - great for anatomy flash cards for instance!

There is a free 7 day trial available so you can test the app and see if it works for you. The free trial also allows you to play around with the other advanced features such as the unique productivity sidebar, ability to organize multiple cards, and set different pen sizes, just to name a few.

Don't struggle in trying to create index cards online, and instead start creating beautiful index cards and flash cards with NoteDex!


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