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How to Print Flashcards

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Everything you ever wanted to know about how flashcard printing!

In this article we will cover a number of 'How to' FAQ Style questions on how to print custom flashcards. If you have been writing and made lots of cards it can be nice to print them out. It is also helpful to have them in case you are offline or needing to present them, such as in a speech for your presentation at school, or even as visual cues for when you presenting a pitch deck!

Learn more about how to make and print flashcards with just a click! NoteDex, the top flashcard maker used by students, writers and professionals. NoteDex is easy to use, yet powerful. Whether you're just starting out or a professional, NoteDex can handle your flashcard, index cards and notecard needs to help you create and print high quality flashcards.

How do I print flashcards?

To print flashcards, you will need to use an app like NoteDex (Best method) or a text processor like Word (not as great, complicated). Using NoteDex you can create flashcards on both sides of the virtual paper and then print them out double sided on real paper using a printer that supports double sided printing. Watch this video of how to print flashcards / index cards.

How to print double sided flashcards?

To print double sided flashcards you need an app that you can add the content and a printer that supports double sided. NoteDex app is the easiest way to create double sided flashcards - it can be used online and you can flip a card over. Compare that to using Word where you have to create front and back using a template. While it is ideal if the printer you have supports double sided printing, with NoteDex it is not essential. In NoteDex you can print both sides, or just the front, or back, and feed the card stock manually. And unique to NoteDex you don't need any special paper, you can use regular paper and NoteDex prints 3 flashcards per page, like magic!

Which is the best app for printing flashcards?

While you can print flashcards using Microsoft Word or Google Docs, Slides or Canva, the best app for printing flashcards is NoteDex since it is designed to create double sided flashcards, with text, images and ink, and it has the most printing options for flashcards, including printing to Avery 5388 format. You can make upload flashcards background templates and duplicate flashcards to save time.

How to print blank flashcards

It is easy to print blank flashcards in NoteDex. Just create a series of blank cards and then print to PDF - you can then view and decide how to print (or not, if you want to just have the PDF and save paper!)

How to print flashcard with handwriting?

One of unique features of NoteDex is the ability to draw handwritten flashcards with a digital stylus and then you can print them - no other flashcard app can do this. You can even edit you handwritten flashcards on different computers.

Which is the best printer for printing flashcards?

You can print flashcards using NoteDex with any printer. The great thing about NoteDex is that you can even just use regular paper and it will create nicely formatted notecards on the paper that you can cut out. If you have printer that supports double sided printing, all the better, but even if you don't you can work with NoteDex and print out pages for just the front of cards first and then feed the paper again to print the back if needed. Printers like those from Brother, Epson and HP and many others do support many printing modes. Color laser printers are great but even inkjet will be fine - but if you are doing lots of color it might eat up your ink fast!

How to print flashcards with words

NoteDex allows you to just make flashcards with text. You can set the font size and alignment if you want to have text in the middle of the card for instance. You can change the font and also put words on the back and front of the cards. You can even import text from CSV file to make flashcards faster.

How to print English flashcards

If you are learning English it can be very helpful to create English flashcards for learning vocabulary and grammar. You can print English flashcards with NoteDex and also sync them to your mobile phone.

What is best paper for printing flashcards?

A good question. You have a few options and it will depend on the printer have:

  • use actual 3 x 5 or 4 x 6 index card flash card stock

  • use plain paper or premium

  • use Avery 5388 paper sheet or other specialty card stock

NoteDex can support printing on all the above so it really depends on what you need to print. Avery can be expensive but regular paper is more affordable for most projects. The paper size dimensions need to be considered but in most cases it can be handled by the app and printer combination. In NoteDex just be sure to select the correct printing option. Avery 5388 is nice in that is perforated card stock and NoteDex prints perfect to that layout. You can buy in your office supplies store or on Amazon. if you want to be fancy, you can laminate them also.

Making printable flashcards for free

NoteDex can make free printable flashcards - there is a 7 day free trial so you can register and use the app and make as many cards as you like! After that we offer both subscriptions and one-time payment so you can have great value whichever plan you choose.

Printing multiplication flashcards

Use NoteDex to print an unlimited amount of custom flashcards - like for multiplication flashcards. Instead of paying others for such cards, you can make flashcards and print them yourself for the multiplication flashcards you need for your children's study.

Printing subtraction flashcards

Similar to printing multiplication flashcards you can also create and print decks of subtraction flash cards using NoteDex and also save money.

Printing alphabet letter flashcards to PDF

if you want to create flash cards with alphabet letters and print them you can do that with NoteDex - you can create cards with alphabet letters and print them to PDF

Printing flashcards online

NoteDex is one of the few apps that is available to create flashcards online - you can use it on the web and you don't have to install or download anything - you can print directly from the online app just go to and try it! This is a great alternative to Anki and Quizlet.

Printing color flashcards

You can print color flash cards using NoteDex - there are a range of background colors to choose from and you can also create cards with different color text.

How to print Dolch sight words

Dolch sight words are a method of study, often implemented if children are struggling to study and learn. There are many resources for such sight words, but they can be expensive. With NoteDex you can create your own sight words cards and print them out.

Can you print flashcards to PNG or PDF?

Yes, unique to NoteDex you can print your flashcards to an electronic print format - either as a zipfile of PNG images or as a PDF.

We hope you enjoyed this quick check list FAQ of printing flashcards. Good luck with your printing!


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